Play Wisely

The Play Wisely program is an early cognitive and motor development system, recognized nationally and internationally for its ground breaking approach to Early Childhood Development.  Founded by Patty Hannan, Play Wisely combines the latest research emanating from the fields of academia and science then views it through the lens of a performance sport.

Play Wisely is the first developmental play system designed to optimize each child’s natural ability to move and learn during the brain’s early critical wiring period when learning is crucial for reaching developmental milestones.  Our goals include optimizing each child’s “developmental wellness,” enhancing brain and body confidence, and creating a sound body and mind.  All of this is achieved while having FUN throughout the process.  Classes last 30 minutes and we recommend your child participates once a week.  The classes include a cognitive development portion, then an activity portion (each week there is a different focus varying from fine motor skill development, balance, strength, catching, throwing, kicking, etc…)  The last ten minutes of class is dedicated to more cognitive card flashing where the babies/toddlers will be introduced to and eventually become familiar with letters and numbers.   Each class will help improve your child’s focus and attention span.  The classes enable your child to learn and recognize shapes, sizes, quantities, and colors.  In just 30 minutes, we are teaching the child and training the brain.  Most importantly, your child will have a blast!