Here are a few of our favorite success stories:

I am a 64 year old man and have never joined a gym or taken an exercise class. I have been on meds for 20 years for lower back pain. My first thought was that pilates or yoga would be appropriate for me. I checked them out and found their staffs and members to be 100% ladies. I thought that would be fine but my wife said no way. I continued my search. No place seemed right for me. I checked out crossfit. I found out that young and old go to crossfit. Their membership is split 50-50 men and ladies and that everything is scaled to your individual needs. I have been a member four months now and am thrilled with the results. My lower back pain is becoming a memory. I feel better than I have in years. I have no fear of ever getting injured. I go to a class but everything is scaled for me and it is obvious a great deal of time is spent on customizing  workouts for everyone attending whether it be man or woman, young or old.I am thrilled with my decision to join crossfit. It  gives you a total body workout. Their workouts are always varied, interesting and address all aspects of fitness. But the number one thing I like most is the staff. People always make the difference and they are exceptional here.

Tom T.

I met Ali about one and a half years ago when I started doing CrossFit at Georgia Strength; she was one of my coaches then. When she launched Ericksen PND this year, it immediately caught my attention since I believe she truly leads by example with her health and lifestyle habits. I have always considered myself a healthy person that workouts regularly and eats pretty healthy, but I knew that there was something missing that I needed guidance on.

Ali and Ericksen PND gave me the guidance I was looking for. Last April, Ali worked on a personalized meal plan for me that I have been following since. She took into account my schedule, my activity level and my personal goals. In addition, she has adjusted the meal plan bi-weekly and she has followed up with me when changes to the plan are implemented to make sure the changes are affecting my day-to-day in a positive way. Since I started the plan, I have only improved my performance at work and at the gym. In addition, in only a little over two months, I started to see the results that I wanted to see. Can’t wait to continue receiving guidance from Ali on my meals and workouts and see what the results are in the months to follow! If you’re looking to improve your eating habits or if you have personal goals that you want to achieve in that regards, I highly recommend contacting Ali and Ericksen PND to get the best advice that there is out there!

Gisela, July 2017